Asset Data Capture and Field Asset and Defect Inspections

We deliver high quality, cost-effective spatial data capture services ideally suited to local, state and federal government, utilities and private industry.

Australia’s leading company for asset data capture and field asset and defect inspections

We deliver high quality, cost-effective spatial data and capture services.

Our projects are based on AssetMap field data capture software or Crest field inspection software. Both programs are GIS based with the ability to integrate aerial photography, base data layers, GPS, detailed attribution forms and digital photography. Assets and defects are generally mapped to sub-metre accuracy.

RapidMap have completed numerous data capture projects throughout Australia for a wide variety of clients. The combination of our extensive experience, our staff expertise and our efficient, streamlined systems allow us to provide quality data capture services to our clients.

We populate and update data for corporate GIS and asset management systems.

A few examples of what we do

Open Space Assets

Spatial data capture of park furniture, shelters, turf areas, gardens, retaining walls, sports fields and assets, pathways, fencing and other reserve assets.

Stormwater Drainage Networks

Spatial data capture of pits and pipes with full spatial and textural connectivity. Options to include levels on structures and pipe inverts.

Traffic Related Assets

Spatial data capture of traffic signage, pavement markings, guard rails, barriers, traffic signals, traffic calming devices, traffic controls and other road furniture.


Spatial data capture of all standard and non standard signs with high level of detail and options to include compliance to Australian Standards.

Street Furniture

Spatial data capture of street furniture such as seats, litter bins, bollards, bus shelters, drinking fountains, bike racks, street art and statues with full attribution plus generic and unique photographs.

Public Lighting Inventories

Spatial data capture of public lighting, with full attribution including light type, wattage, pole number, install date and defects plus generic photographs of light types.

Parking Studies

On street and off street parking studies, including period parking details, capacity and usage.

Public Transport Infrastructure

Spatial data capture of public transport infrastructure and routes. Details including bus stop signage, shelters, seats, timetables, lighting and access.

Footpath Condition Assessments

Detailed mapping of footpath networks and defects inspections including options for individual defect mapping and severity assessments for vertical displacement, cracking, horizontal displacement, uplift, patching and edge drop.

“…RapidMap’s proven methodology and built-in QC ensured the data was of the highest quality and saved us a great deal of money.”

PAUL LENNOX – GIS & Data Systems Co-ordinator – Bass Coast Shire Council

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